Check List For Beginning Kayakers


Hey folks. So just out taking it easy. The lake is back down to the normal level today. I have no plans, no expectations today. But I’ve got a tip that I learned today and that is when you pack up everything and head toward the lake you’ve checked your mental checklists a couple times and thought “yeah, I’ve got everything” then you get to the lake and you realize you forgot your fishing rod.

It’s time to have a physical list. Write it down. So as of next week I will have an actual list of everything I need to bring with me. Luckily it’s not that far home. But that’s time I would have rather been here instead of in traffic. Anyhow, we’ll see how it goes. There we go, not bad. Not bad at all. Let’s see how big that guy is. 15 and a half inches. Not bad, healthy looking guy. 15 and a half inches, I’ll take that.

Thank you buddy, you’re the first fish I’ve caught there. Let’s put you back. There we go, another one. Smaller guy. There we go. Come on, get out of there. Fourth fish. Little tiny guy. Alright, I’ll measure you just for fun. You’re 11 and a half. Go right back in. There you go. So I think I’ll call it there. It was nice catching a fish right there at the end.

Four fish, including a little 8 incher that I didn’t get on camera. But I got three others that hopefully I got. But it’s been fun, good day out here today. The mosquitos are coming out so I probably need to head back to the launch. Thanks for watching.