Getting A Canoe or Kayak In Water For Beginners


We’re going to talk about getting in and out of the kayak at the shore. You’re not always going to have a dock to get in and out of, so it’s a lot easier, actually, than the dock. All you need to do, get in the water about below your knees, nice shallow water. All you want to do is basically rest the paddle out of your way on the boat in the water, and there’s two ways you can do it.

You can put a foot into the boat first, grab both sides, using your hands for balance, and lower your butt into the boat, grab the paddle and you’re ready to go. The other way, for some people, it’s easier for them if they have less flexibility, go ahead and grab both sides of the boat, leaving the paddle where they can reach it, again using their hands to flex, just setting their butt into the boat, shifting their hands, again I’ve got all my weight on my hands at the moment, and just getting into the boat.

Whichever works easier for you, both ways are okay. So you always want to have the boat facing out when you do that so you’re ready to go. Now coming in, getting out of the boat, is done the exact same way. I want to pull into the shore, put the paddle out of my way, put both hands on the boat so I can use the balance of my hands, I’m shifting one leg out, shifting the other leg out, and then just standing up.

See, it’s a lot easier than getting in and out at the dock. One other thing we want to talk about is if your boat’s full of water, and you’re by yourself, what you can do is actually take one end up on shore like this. That end’s up on shore, you can flip the boat over like this, and basically seesaw the boat up and down to drain out the water.

So that way if you have water in your boat, if you’ve swamped it, that’s the easy way to get the water out. Again, just seesawing one end up and down that you’re holding, the other end’s on the shore.