How to Choose a Kayak : Kayak Types


Hi, I’m Russell Farrow, with Sweetwater Kayaks, in St. Pete, Florida. I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to choose the proper kayak. We’ve got several different types of craft out here today, and we’re going to talk through each one of them, from sit on tops to two person tandems, and full on seagoing boats that you can live out of for a month, so come with me, and we’ll check some of them out. So each of the kayaks we have; we have a sit on top, which is very popular with the fishing crowd, we have recreational boats that are extremely stable, and easy to get in and out of, with large cockpits, we have hybrid craft that are kind of a cross between a recreational boat and a sea kayak, and more on that in a minute. We have tandem kayaks, built for two people, and then, of course we have the the one that started it all, the full on sea kayak that you can live out of for days, if you so choose.

I think that if you compare all of these boats, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you and your application and your venue, whether it’s a long, sleek, fast any weather, go anywhere boat, whether it’s a boat that’s built really for fishing and just general mayhem on the water; just a fun boat, a recreational boat, super stable, going to be a much drier ride than a sit on top, fits a lot of different type bodies, something a little more spirited; that you can get out and go further; you can camp off of, or a boat to share with friends and family as a tandem, there’s something in the line-up that would work for you.