How to repair a kayak – Kayak Around Europe – 2/2016

I am back on the island of Amorgos. Back with the kayak. Ready to check it over and do some repairs Lets have a look I found a few cracks some of them are older They were fixed quickly along the way. Now I will have a proper look at them. Some are watertight and some leak a little bit Back here I have another crack, I am not sure if it is visible but it was repaired on the beach in a rush…everythiing will have to come off What I will need to repair are the deck lines. It is cut here so I will need to replace all of it. The line has gone through a lot and when I set off I will need a stronger one. I am going to turn the boat upside down and lets have a look at what surprises await us. Careful with the rudder. So what do we have here I will check this here is another one, this one is even bigger and this comes with me from the Czech Republic I just glued it and it does not leak so maybe I will leave it.

This fin should slide out but now it does not. I will need to look at where it is getting stuck Here is another hole… this is still holding Here are a couple of scratches. From being hauled 8 meters up a cliff. The boat is dry so lets have a look where it needs fixing There are more holes than I thought. After 3 days the boat is almost finished.. So what came before? First you need to find materials. To find it was not easy.

On the island there is only one shop that has at least some of the things for repairing a boat. I travelled across the whole island to find it. Searched in different shops. In the end I found it and it looks something like this. I need one more thing. So lets go. Frappee, I need the coffee and also this plastic cup. Two in one. When I had everything set and was ready to begin. I started with sanding… sanding… sanding.. When everything was finally sanded. I found I had wonderful holes in the boat. Counting from the back there were: 1,2,3,4,5,6,…….13 13 holes on the hull and 4 on the deck All of them were cleaned and sanded. Then they needed to be laminated. Great fun. It would have been best to repair it with the same material that the boat was built from Carbon and Kevlar Impossible to find on the island Atleast I tried to repair it with what I had to hand. We will see if it holds up.

I had this helper. An amazing cat. A cross between a cat and a dog. After three days of work the boat is almost finished. Now I need to sand down the filler. It was tough work So……… These are covers More accurately lids for the storage spaces on the kayak. These lids should be watertight. From time to time they need to be treated against UV rays and sea water. The recommended treatment is expensive, but you can get away with simple WD40. This will help it. Important are the inner seals. Not sure if you can see it This side is treated and should now keep the water out. The side has not been treated. It is full of salt and was letting water through. They need to be looked after…WD40. I worked out why it did not work. The steel cord is bent. So… Ideally it would be best to replace it but it is bonded into the keel. So I will try and fix it the best I can.

I fixed the keel. It works again. So this is another thing finished. I do not like working with fibreglass It gets everywhere and it itches Loads of sanding Everything had to be sanded by hand as I could not bring a sander with me. It was ardous. Hard work …what so you say pussy cat. Well the cat has nothing to say…. I am left with putting together….. thats for next time.