What’s The Best Future Beach Kayak For You?

Who Are Future Beach Kayaks?

having fun on the water

Future Beach Kayaks are becoming more and more prominent in the kayaking world.  They boast some of the best designers and engineers in the industry.  What sets them apart is that they employ roto-molding in the construction of their boats.  This gives their kayaks virtually unlimited flexibility as opposed to blow molding or thermoforming techniques.

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Feelfree Kayak Definitive Review

Kayaking and catching big fish

Feelfree is based out of the gorgeous mountain region of North Carolina.  They include a tight knit team of anglers, paddlers and outdoors people with over 50 years of combined industry experience.    All Feelfree kayaks are built for seafaring and freshwater excursions.   They are known for their world class development team and unique color combinations.  They are a company that’s passionate about evolving modern kayaking and taking it to the next level.

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Elias Vaisberg Shows How To Catch Big Stripers In New York

Pulling In Big Spring Striped Bass On His Kayak

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It’s a beautiful day in the 1st week of May.  Elias Vaisberg is out on the waters alone on his Hobie Outback kayak and is pulling in big Spring bass, even though his fish finder is only showing very few fish marks in the area.  He’s fishing in the western New York and the water is mildly choppy.  He goes into detail about how he consistently lands really good sized bass.

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What’s The Best Native Kayak For You?


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If you’re into kayaking at all, you might have heard about Native Kayaks.  They are one of the best manufacturers out there in the market today.  Based in North Carolina, the folks at Native Watercraft bring decades of boat building knowledge to the table.  They’re also passionate about paddling’s history and it’s future.

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